BTS: Our Kandy Print in the making

This summer, you’ll see HANDSOM’S Kandy Print — developed in collaboration with London based textile designer and illustrator, Alice Allum — hanging effortlessly in store amongst our classic cuts.

Although far from effortless, and often resulting in unique imperfections, the traditional process of hand screen printing gives a further depth of colour and character to our current collection.

For every colour visible in our Kandy Print, there is a different screen being used in the printing process. Each screen must be meticulously positioned, to ensure consistency and accuracy in the finished garments.

Ink is applied and dragged through the screens, as the dye then transfers onto the fabric. One by one, each screen is moved by hand into the next position — repeating the process across the entire roll.

Requiring time, precision and care, we believe that the traditional hand printing process is the perfect way to preserve Alice Allum’s illustrations upon HANDSOM’s timeless designs.

Our Kandy Print is available in a range of styles, in both Orange and Olive colour-ways. Shop the full collection here.