Hanging @ Home with our favourite creative freelancers, Gianna Mazzeo and Thalea MV

Filmmaker Gianna Mazzeo and Stylist Thalea Michos-Vellis have carefully created a video content series for HANDSOM — shot from self-isolation within their Brunswick home, and featuring a selection of our new arrivals.

As a freelance filmmaker working across writing, directing and cinematography, Gianna Mazzeo somehow succeeds in disrupting commercial genre conventions whilst creating creative and innovative branded content.

Stylist Thalea Michos-Vellis (MV) is known for her impressive wardrobe, folio of work and Instagram following. Thalea’s rare Prada pieces and prominently featured pets are a mere two of the reasons to watch her space.

Gianna’s filmmaking style is often surreal. Here, it accurately highlights the dream-like state many of us have found ourselves in, due to the COVID-19 pandemic — with too much spare time to fill, and confused as how best to use it.

Thalea’s fun and playful styling aesthetic allows us to shamelessly indulge in the essential non-essentials. 

The series centres around self-isolation self-care — the conscious purchase of nice clothes, mildly energetic exercise and comforting food and wine (good or bad). 


Gianna loves films, more than most people we’ve met.

After first studying media at school when she was 16, Gianna soon decided she would follow in the footsteps of all the great directors, with a job at Civic Video — ‘I heard Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store when he was young’ she says.

Whiling away her late teenage years ‘buried in the depths of the Arthouse section at work’, Gianna quickly realised that watching films she connected with produced a type of excitement, inspiration and productivity that she rarely got from anything else. ‘I’ve been really lucky to turn the feeling I get from cinema into a very fulfilling career’. 

Over the last six months, Gianna has been writing the script for a black comedy short, which she also intends to direct. No doubt this will keep her busier than most, forced isolation or not.

‘I’m really enjoying being at home for the time-being (I can’t tell you how long that will last though). To be honest, in the last couple of months I’ve been particularly burnt out with back-to-back interstate projects, so it’s nice to be forced to slow down’. 

Alongside dedicating ‘days to fine tuning the narrative and characters’ of her script, Gianna has been doing all the important self-care activities we approve of — ‘reading, watching classic films…exercising daily and cooking delicious meals’. In the safe company of her housemates, directors like Pedro Almodovar and Federico Fellini and Thalea’s two Scottish Fold cats, Gianna is content hanging out at her lovely Brunswick home.

For a freelancer filmmaker, an uncertain future of home isolation is quite difficult to comprehend.

Being ‘patient and positive like everyone else experiencing hardship’ is Gianna’s plan for now. She hopes to continue brainstorming interesting content ideas to safely produce in isolation with her creative housemates.

‘I’ve recently become aware of how resilient we can be’ she says. ‘I’ve overreacted and dramatised about way smaller things in my life and it just goes to show that when things get really tough, sometimes we have no choice but to be strong and get on with it’.

We made sure to ask Gianna two very specific and equally as important pieces of information: what she’s watching and wearing this quarantine season. 

‘The best film I’ve watched so far in quarantine is Dark Habits by Pedro Almodovar. He writes women so beautifully with complexity, sass, humour, tenderness. This film is a super wacky black comedy, set in a convent with unexpectedly eccentric nuns’.

Whilst we’re sticking to a strict working from home wardrobe of Mock Neck Tees, Gianna has made her own rules about dressing in isolation.

‘A really important part of feeling productive for me is wearing shoes at home. No tracksuits before 5pm for me! Another ritual we’ve taken to in my house is dressing up on the weekend — I just watched the newest episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race with some friends on House Party in full drag makeup and a wig’.

I think we can all agree that both Gianna and Thalea won’t merely survive in isolation, but will thrive creatively — no matter what they’re wearing, or where they’re hiding out.

HANGING @ HOME. Directed and shot by Gianna Mazzo. Styled by Thalea MV.

  1. The Jumbo Cord Zip Jacket in Lilac, Wide Leg Selvedge Jean in Ochre and Novesta Star Masters in Beige.
  2. The Selvedge Work Jacket in Moss and Novesta Marathon Trail Runners.
  3. The Flippy Hat in Lilac and Ecru.
  4. The Selvedge Work Jacket and Work Pant in Navy with the Isarau in Khaki from côte&ciel.
  5. The Double Oxford Zip Jacket in Burnt Orange.
  6. The Standard Tee in Thyme and Silver Grey, with the 50’s Stripe Tee in Navy.
  7. The Box Shirt in Black Check, coming soon.

Words by Victoria Hermitage