‘It’s Beautiful Here’ with Georgia Hopkins

We talked past and future travel plans with Georgia Hopkins — creator of ‘It’s Beautiful Here’ and our favourite, most aesthetically pleasing adventurer. 

Where in the world are you? 

I am currently on a farm three hours outside of Melbourne — near Benalla — riding out my two-week solo-isolation after just getting back from the US.

Is there anywhere in particular you wish you were? 

Drinking Campari in the sun and by the sea, somewhere in Italy with all of my favourite people!

From cows to Campari, wherever in the world we find Georgia, rest assured she’s spending her time right.

Georgia wears the Base Top and Maxi Skirt in Galle, Sri Lanka, 2019.

Georgia Hopkins is the ever wondering and wandering woman behind travel journal ‘It’s Beautiful Here’. Her deeply personal travel guides are curated to celebrate the unusual and unexpectedly exceptional people and places she’s encountered across the globe. 

Stories and recommendations are collected for both our consumption and inspiration, in the hope that one day we’ll experience similarly special moments of travel for ourselves. 

Georgia was visiting the US just before COVID-19 forced airlines to shut down, and Australia to close its borders. She very luckily managed to change her return ticket and jump on Virgin’s very last flight from LA to Melbourne. 

In the most fitting way possible, Georgia’s self-isolation has become a sort of holiday in itself — she was able to carefully curate her lockdown in the nick of time, choosing to settle at a picturesque farm house near Benalla over the much less exotic Crown Casino. 

‘Self-isolation has actually been really ok — a couple of lonely days, but otherwise I have been loving the peace and quiet of the countryside and the chance to slow down. Lots of time chatting to the cows! It feels like I’m a million miles away from the real world out here,’ Georgia says. 

Although her recent stint in the USA was cut short, it still remained sweet.

She spent much of the 12 lockdown days in Malibu with one of her best friends, her husband and their two kids.

‘The sun was shining, the waves were pumping, and they were happy (amongst the uncertain and difficult) days’, she says.

In an attempt to maintain some sort of normality, Georgia is currently focusing on ways to continue sparking peoples curiosity about the world. She’s launched both a ‘Flashbacks’ series — featuring images of favourite places from the past — and ‘It’s Beautiful Here in Isolation’ — exploring how her friends in different cities across the globe are remaining creative and optimistic in the lockdown way of life.

In the words of Rich Roll, Georgia asks that we ‘don’t let this pass without reflection’. 

‘My instinct is that the travel industry will pick up once again, but perhaps there will a focus on more slow and considered travel’. For Georgia, that means within Australia — committed to slowly but surely exploring its wonders.

‘I think, in time, we will start to explore further afield and start supporting our global neighbours once again. Our collective spirit of curiosity will no doubt always be there’ she says. 

Making a solid effort to stay in touch with the people she cares about from afar, Georgia is feeling more connected to her friends and family than ever before. She’s staying sane in the company of cows, and the virtual presence of her favourite Pilates and Yoga teachers. 

Her next, and inevitable trip will be local.

‘I am longing for the ocean, and hope to get back down to the Surf Coast of Victoria — to one of my favourite little pockets, either Jan Juc or Wye River. There, I feel happy.’

Nostalgically thinking of times past and adventures ahead, we asked Georgia about her favourite HANDSOM holiday pieces.

‘I’m such a dress girl, so I especially love (and always pack) my Claude Dress in White. I love the Gertrude Dress in Powder Blue as well. Everything they do is magic.’

We hope you think so too. 

Photos courtesy of Georgia, words by Victoria Hermitage