Meet the Mihans

Josh & Jules — HANDSOM customers and friends — are the Melbournian pair behind the pleasing selection of androgynous parfums stocked here in store.


Launched in July 2018, the couple use native Australian ingredients to respond to a sense of experience. Mihan favourites are Buddha Wood — the native Australian tree, creating a calming and meditative woody aroma that takes Josh home to the bush, and Juniper Berry — because, as Jules puts it, who doesn’t like to be reminded of a gin and tonic?

Australian Sugar Cane is an essential to the range. It provides an organic ethanol alternative — ideal for sensitive skin — but, like all Mihan ingredients, evokes memory through scent. Jules explains that sugar cane played an important part in her family history. Her great grandad owned a sugar cane farm in far North Queensland, just outside of Cairns, and now wearing it everyday reminds Jules of her childhood — playing in the fields on holidays with her cousins. As an optimist, Josh finds something special in every ingredient. He believes ‘every smell has a story’.


Jules wears our Claude Dress in Navy, and Josh wears the Waffle Tee.

Mihan Aromatics has been carefully curated as an escape — what Jules describes as ‘a portal for the individual to be instantly transported to their favourite memory’. Inspiring confidence and adventure or intoxicating love, the fragrances pair perfectly with classic HANDSOM pieces.


‘Handsom is made for Mihan Aromatics, and vice versa’ Josh says. He wears the Mid West Short-Sleeve Shirt, coming soon.

With Melbourne as the grass (or cedar) roots for both their personal and perfume-based relationship, the couple take the city’s approval very seriously. That’s why it’s important for the scents to suit an all-identifying crowd. Like HANDSOM, Mihan Aromatics are focused on equality, rather than labels. Jules tells us their fragrances aim ‘to evoke the individual, and allow them to dream the impossible’. As to both of our brands, Josh puts it very simply — ‘gender is not really important’.

The genderless nature of the Mihan range seems to have achieved something that can take years for a brand to do — a pleasant timelessness.


Mihan Aromatics aim ‘to evoke the individual, and allow them to dream the impossible’ Jules says. She wears the Claude Dress in Navy.

The parfums are grounding in both personality and packaging. They use magnetic lids, conceptualised by Collingwood-based designer Peter Deering, to secure their scents.

At HANDSOM we can’t choose which fragrance we like best, because it changes daily. Each recognises it’s power to harness different moods and emotions, with unique descriptions as to their tact. Most of the time, Jules wants to feel energised, confident and totally connected to the world around her — she wears Mikado Bark. Petrichor Plains is the go to for Josh, transporting him back to growing up in the Dandenongs and indulging in a feeling of ‘being born again as a rain storm came’.

Guilty Story is designed for ‘sociable characters wearing amazing outfits’, so, as pictured here in their HANDSOM favourites, we’re almost certain Josh & Jules spritzed it on this morning.


Jules wears her favourite Cropped Numan Shirt in Hemp Cotton, a style HANDSOM re-creates every year, and is ‘great for the d floor!’ Paired here with the Harry Pant in Hachiko Ecru Linen. Josh wears the Mid West Shirt in Black Check and Jean Pant in Putty.

At HANDSOM Store, our philosophy is very similar to that of the Mihan’s. We celebrate timeless designs, many of which are gender neutral, staying aware of trends, without being driven by them.

We asked the couple who they perceive the Mihan and HANDSOM customer to be, and they couldn’t have put it better — ‘anyone who respects and appreciates brands providing hand-made, high quality goods that smell divine and feel totally fabulous’.

We completely agree.


The full Mihan range is available to purchase — or, spritz freely as you stroll down Gertrude Street — at HANDSOM. In-store, and online.


Words by Victoria Hermitage