Sounds and Styles with Nuestro Planeta

We invited Eliza and Bec from Nuestro Planeta to discuss their signature styles, and to tell us what we should be listening to whilst working (or hanging out) at home.

Nuestro Planeta was born when Eliza and Bec created the party they wanted to attend. 

After bonding over a Travis Scott t-shirt and mutual ‘ever-evolving love for bass driven and MC’d music’, the duo have spent the last two years refining a refreshing and conscious platform for lovers of rap, dancehall, reggaeton, grime and trap music. 

Always engaged with the progressive politics of the parties they were attending, Bec says they ‘didn’t connect as much with the music’. Exhausted by the ‘bro-soaked, highbrow’ climate of the Melbourne music scene, Eliza and Bec wanted to see ‘fems behind the decks for a change — and on the dance floor’. 

‘We decided to do our own thing, that was — and still is — about giving a liberal and accepting platform to artists who share both our musical and political visions’ Bec says.

Translated from Spanish to ‘Our Planet’, Nuestro Planeta lends itself to both Bec’s Argentinian heritage, and the nature of the space the pair have created together.

Alongside their regular spot on Skylab Radio, Nuestro Planeta have spent the past two years playing and recording mixes of their own whilst hosting parties with some of the most important female-made music in Melbourne.

The pair ooze an impressive sense of confidence and grit, fuelled not only by their signature styles, but an ongoing love and care for each other. 

Clothing for comfort is what they prioritise above all — believing in a fierce effortlessness, which they always seem to succeed with.

Bec describes her look as ‘steezy and comfortable’, opting for ‘90s touches and androgynous cuts’ that work alongside her sparkly pink crocs.  

‘My style centres on lots of layers and interesting silhouettes’ Eliza says. ‘You need to be able to dance, and to remove a layer in the heat of the moment to reveal an even better version of your look!’. 

‘You can never underestimate how important a comfortable fit is’ Eliza tells us. We assure her, we never have. 

Eliza, snacking in the Cropped Zip Polo — now available in Lobster and Olive — and Sumo Pant in Pebble Ink.

The current COVID climate may have put their parties on hold for the time being, but Nuestro Planeta will continue to occupy the online space they have curated — they’ve just collaborated on a newly released Skylab Radio mix.

In the meantime, Bec’s isolation has been spent running art programs for young people from her Northcote home, and drinking wine with Scout her border collie / kelpie. ‘It’s been peaceful’ she says. 

Living with three close friends, Eliza hasn’t fell socially isolated at all — she’s been ‘leaning into the slow life’ with bedroom yoga, long walks and her favourite sweets.

Although they may be physically distant, their personal and professional relationship remains constantly strong. 

For Bec, Eliza is like ‘having a constant positive feedback loop, which helps you push through any insecurities or doubts’.

‘Bec and I work so well together as best friends, and business partners on many levels… we only want the best for each other’ Eliza says. ‘I feel like I am constantly learning so much from her’.

We asked the duo to share a selection of music for hanging out at home, whatever that means for you — working, reading, pickling.

Described as the ‘perfect meeting point’ between what they are both currently listening to, Eliza and Bec have created an experience with a ‘slow bubbly build’ amongst some truly ‘iconic moments’. The playlist is energetic and involved, with timely moments of reprise. Eliza asks that you let it ‘float over you whilst enjoying HANDSOM’s beaut products’. 

Listen here from home. We’re looking forward to listening in-store with you, soon.

Words by Victoria Hermitage