Sounds and Styles with Lilibeth Hall

Residing in the third-floor tower of one of Gertrude Streets most precious terrace houses, Lilibeth Hall spends her time perfecting all of the things we wish we had the patience for. 

Inspired by the work of visual artist Pipilotti Rist, Lili has interpreted the idea of self documentation by using a hand held camera to film herself, as she transitions throughout her day. The series of images are an unfiltered observation of Lili at home — exposing how she engages with space, and the outfits she enjoys wearing whilst doing so.

A beekeeper with Honey Fingers, qualified yoga teacher and full-time musician, Lili is drawn to creative outlets that require the utmost precision and care. 

When we spoke to Lili, she was in a space solely dedicated to music — listening, making and totally immersing herself in it. 

‘Whilst everything around me has been destabilised, I’m starting to feel a sort of security and stability in my work. It’s a space I can allow myself to express and explore all the relevant emotions’.

After six years of fronting the psych rock band Lurch and Chief, Squaring Circles is her most recent project — ‘the next phase’, she calls it. 

‘The style of music we’re now exploring has invited more experimentation and spontaneity, which I find very exciting’.

Although often absorbed by demos and recordings of the music she’s making, Lili’s taste is eclectic and unpredictable. 

From the locally crafted mixes of Skylab, Hope Street and NTS radio ‘churning globally good vibes’ throughout her living room, to a deep love for devotional or spiritual mantra music, Lili often finds herself quite happy listening to ‘anything friends might throw on over a cuppa’. 

For Lili, music is an experience of intimate introspection — ‘a space for deeper emotions, reflection and release’. 

This thoughtful relationship has both informed and preserved her precious pastimes — all of which seem to demand her full and devoted attention. ‘They require me to be in the moment’ Lili says. 

‘When I began beekeeping, I knew that I had to remain entirely aware of what was happening at all times. If you’re not wholeheartedly engaged with the sounds, smells and emotion of the experience, you’ll get stung’.

Always encouraging her curiosity, ‘beekeeping makes me feel like a small child, just absorbing the world again’ Lili says. ‘Honey is magic’. 

Lili beekeeping for Honey Fingers.

As both our Gertrude Street neighbour and friend, we always look forward to visits from Lili. Sharing a special appreciation for the area, we asked what she cherishes most about living here. 

‘I’m lucky to live in a beautiful house, alongside some very hard working artists and two kitties. It’s an incredibly supportive space, and I’ve become really fond of being close to the city. I like the gardens for constructive strolls, the buildings at sunset and finding comfort in the strange anonymous buzz.’

From staple shirts and dramatic jackets to dressing entirely in one colour, Lili’s style — like her music taste — is difficult to define.

‘I often find an outfit I love, and wear it for a week straight — then the next week I’ll put something else together that reflects the new mood I’m in’ she tells us. 

‘Lately, a classic pair of jeans have been my thing’ Lili says. 

Here at HANDSOM, we’ve also found that staff members matching in the Wide Leg Selvedge Jean has become close to a daily occurrence. 

Details of the Wide Leg Selvedge Jean on Lili.

Lili’s playlist for HANDSOM features exactly what’s on her radar right now. 

‘I’ve recently been cooking some hot dinners to psychy 60s composers — the music often written for movie soundtracks… it’s always jazzy, dramatic and dreamy’.

Indulge over the four hours you’ve dedicated to slow cooking a sauce this weekend, ‘because a bit of theatre in the kitchen is always nice’ Lili says. 

Listen with us in store, or find the playlist here for playing at home. 

Mixture of images courtesy of Lilibeth Hall and taken by Adam Ricco | Words by Victoria Hermitage